Life Update

Well it's time to make this post. Once we relocated to Greenville, SC I really decided to wind this business down and put it on the backburner to pursue other opportunities. Turns out I am a lot better at building websites for other people, e-commerce, email and digital marketing, data attribution and analytics. I'm going to hold onto the cameras, make really nice pic[...]

On The Water

This picture is beautiful to me. My wife is eight months pregnant and was ok with hopping in a canoe on Lake Jocassee. Pretty soon we'll be knee deep in diapers and all things baby, so it was nice to spend Sunday afternoon on the water. Lucy did great in the boat, so my gears are already turning for future trips with the family out here. If you have a chance to ge[...]

Long Overdue Update

It's been over a year since we relocated from Charleston to Greenville, SC and we are loving life in the upstate! I'm not sure where to begin with all the news, so here they are in no particular order. We almost moved to Chapel Hill, NC. It's a nice area, but it's no Greenville. Ultimately we decided to stay in South Carolina, closer to family, friends and better cycl[...]

Featured by Leica: Inside the 'Pearl of Africa'

I am honored to have my photographs of Uganda featured on Leica's blog. Be sure to check them out and read our little Q&A session. Thank you to everyone that helped make this trip a reality. I want to go back, but also challenge myself to make pictures like this in little ole Greenville, SC. Whether your organization is big or small, I would love to speak with[...]

Holli & Robert · Nottoway Plantation Wedding

I had the honor to photograph Holli and Robert's wedding at Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana (between Baton Rouge and New Orleans) just before New Years Eve of 2015. The abundance of porches kept us dry from the afternoon showers and made for a great backdrop to make their pictures.

The Rolleiflex ?

Some of my favorite pictures are made with a Rolleiflex. Pictures of me and my wife, pictures I've made and pictures made by other photographers all have involved the beautiful twin lens reflex camera that's decades old. If you ever get a chance to own one, or use one, don't hesitate. They're built like tanks and the results are outstanding. While not necessary, i[...]

my love/hate for film photography

I love the results, but hate the process of film photography. Mailing film off to be developed, then waiting for its return and results. But sometimes I let rolls of undeveloped film pile up and time passes, so when the film comes back it is almost a new discovery of what I've photographed in the past. Here are some pictures made with a camouflage plastic toy came[...]

Meet Lucy My wife and I have wanted a dog for a long time now, but not having a yard and her being in school, kept us from making the commitment to a four legged friend. If you find yourself in a similar position, simply dog sit for all of your friends! You'll love it and so will your friends. Anyway, with school behind us and a ni[...]

Portraits at Home · Charleston, SC

It was a treat to make pictures for this beautiful and artistic family in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Their back porch and yard made a perfect backdrop for their family photographs. I only wish that I had had more time to really check out their paintings, because their work is quite amazing. Take a look: here and here.

Miriam & Nathan · Birmingham, AL Wedding

The beautiful/quirky/awesome couple, Miriam & Nathan were married at Trinity UMC of Homewood in the Birmingham, Alabama area. It was a great setting for their daytime ceremony and reception, spent with their friends and family. We also spent some time at Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Avondale Brewing Company for their luncheon and rehearsal dinner. It was a[...]

Snow in Greenville!

Because we live in the South, exclamation points for a few inches of snow is appropriate. Snow is a rarity here in Greenville, so the entire town shut down for a few days while the snow plows attempted to clear the major roadways. My wife and I went on a long walk all around downtown and the camera came along for the ride. Hope you had a great time playing in this[...]