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Guy & Tina's Pickin Parlor

This was a fun one to photograph and visit. If you love bluegrass, you'd really enjoy visiting Guy and Tina's Pickin Parlor. Every Saturday night, folks get together for good clean pickin fun, food and really strong coffee.

Tia & Jeff · Alabama Wedding

  I wanted to practice the Rolleiflex at a wedding, so I joined up Charis Films out of Raleigh, NC and made these pictures with them in Montgomery, Alabama. We had a blast.

Rwamango Academy · Sheema ·Uganda

I am still searching for the words to adequately describe what it was like visiting Uganda last year. Sheema, Uganda is a beautiful place. Coffee, banana and avocado flourish here; as well as the smiles of beautiful people. Rwamango Academy is where I met Bernard, who selflessly cares for these children, and sees that they get proper schooling. It was here that I met [...]

Sailing in Sausalito · San Francisco Engagement

Imagine leaving Charleston, SC before dawn and landing in San Francisco at 10am PST. Sounds easy enough right (just add caffeine)? Well then imagine being on a sailboat in Sausalito by 2pm PST, camera in tow and braving the bay - camera hanging off the side of the boat. I love to make pictures for amazing people (aka living the dream). Here's to a blessed 2015!

Rollei · Square

  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I recently picked up a Rolleiflex and thought you'd like to see a few of my first pictures from it. I have added a few more to my personal work gallery, so take a look! You can order a framed print for a loved one, or for yourself. I am always learning and trying something [...]

Claire & Michael · Christmas Augusta Wedding

Christmas weddings are a joy to witness. I couldn't of asked for a better family to work with and a nicer wedding to photograph. Everything was top notch, from the decor, to the flowers, to the attire, you name it. This was a classic and elegant affair, yet we were free to capture it however we saw fit. We gave it our best - I just hope we don't break wordpress wit[...]


I am blessed beyond words to call this beautiful woman my wife. Today we celebrate three years of marriage together. As a photographer, it is a real treat to stand in front of a camera for a change. Thank you Virgil Bunao for making us look so good (on film).

Folly Beach

Sunsets by the beach are cliche, but man are they beautiful. Order prints here.

Rose Gold Wedding Album · Queensberry

It's always a happy day when an album arrives from Queensberry. I simply adore this vertical 14x10 Duo style album, paired with two 10" parent albums. All three are covered with silk in a beautiful shade of Rose Gold. It's an honor to play a small part in the creation of a family heirloom. Nothing but the best.

Banda Slum · Kampala Uganda

I want to tell you what it was like to meet the women and children inside Banda Slum, but I am finding it difficult to share everything in just a few paragraphs. So it is my hope that these pictures tell their story of hope and joy, despite their difficult circumstances. I hope and pray that you view these pictures as more than just a series of 'nice' photos of Af[...]