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I see potential in this storefront. I don't see a reality any time soon though. Ah the dream life. Live above your studio in a downtown area w/a sweet loft you call home, and a cool studio underneath. Maybe one day it'll happen. I wonder what the story is about the business and why it's no longer in operation. Walking by it everyday doesn't help much either. The leave[...]


So if you haven't heard, is nifty. They offer several printing options anywhere from a mini card, to post cards, greeting cards, stickers, etc. The cool thing is you're allowed to upload/import up to 100 different images. So no card is the same. The problem is picking out 100 photos you want with your name on them. So far I've sorted out about 20 photos I like[...]


 The Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lens so far is a blast. I've been familiarizing myself with it over the past two days taking way too many 10mm shots (on a 1.6x crop sadly). Being a rental I'll have to return it in a week, but until then, fish on. I came across this Ro-la-Hoop today at an antique store on Broad St. I didn't buy it, but I did snag this photo. Boy sure look[...]

Public Proofs

Alright. My method for proofs/quick galleries is to export it via Aperture & FTP it to the interwebz. I don't like this method, but heck it works for now. Eventually I'll have a non important slideshow pro gallery and upload to it via SSP Director. Annnyway, I thought I should share my wealth and show off some galleries lurking on my server. Here it goes kids. Fee[...]

James Brown Loves Fixed Gear

Last week as I was walking back from work I saw a few guys staring that the statue of James Brown. Both guys had some fixed gear bikes with them and were actually taking photos of the bikes with James Brown. It just so happened I had my camera, already out even, photographing my commute. I knew one of them from Andy Jordan's and offered to shoot these. I've linked you[...]

Carey Murdock & a clock

This past Friday was another 1st Friday. I went out to hear my friend play with Carey Murdock and shot some photos of them at the same time. I've linked the gallery (50photos) and here's his myspace to get a taste of what he sounds like. I dig the scratchy voice. You should too. This Friday the 2nd episode of 2nd Friday's at the Well is going to take place. It'll be a[...]