• Family Treasure

    Family Treasure

    A Future Heirloom A family treasure for today and a future heirloom for tomorrow. Wedding albums are the perfect finishing touch to preserve and showcase your story. Take a look at a few of my favorite spreads below, or click ‘Natalie and Will‘ to view their wedding story.

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  • Rose Gold Wedding Album · Queensberry

    Rose Gold Wedding Album · Queensberry

    It’s always a happy day when an album arrives from Queensberry. I simply adore this vertical 14×10 Duo style album, paired with two 10″ parent albums. All three are covered with silk in a beautiful shade of Rose Gold. It’s an honor to play a small part in the creation of a family heirloom. Nothing but the best.

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  • Kaitlyn & Brad’s Album

    Kaitlyn & Brad’s Album

    It brings me great joy to see wedding stories come to life. Wedding albums are so much more than just a nice collection of pictures. They are a family’s first heirloom. Much like a great marriage, these albums will stand the test of time, and one day passed down to future generations. What an honor…

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  • Black & Silver Wedding Album

    Black & Silver Wedding Album

    Anne and Robert’s wedding album is just too unique of an album to not share it with everyone. I loved the black and silver theme and it looked wonderful in person. I was sad to see it go, but super happy to hand it over to the clients. Here are a few photos of their…

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  • Anne & Robert’s Album

    Anne & Robert’s Album

    I wanted to share Anne & Robert’s wedding album layout with you today. It is a 10x7H Queensberry Pagemount, with the black mat and silver edges around each photo. Very elegant and it was a perfect fit for their New Years Eve wedding. I love making albums for my clients.

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  • More Albums

    More Albums

    Ruth & Jerry’s album just came in this week, so I thought I’d take some pictures to share with everyone. Queensberry has an awesome facebook page to showcase albums made by photographers. Check it out here On another note, if I previously photographed your wedding and you want one of these for yourself, please get…

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  • Fine Art Friday – an online showing

    Fine Art Friday – an online showing

    Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph downtown with a unique eye (2 in fact), but I’ve also had the opportunity to visit places like New York, San Diego and the Alaskan wilderness. This gallery is just that. “Fine Art” if you will, is simply a collection of my travels and…

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