• A Heart Fore Fashion – Tibi

    A Heart Fore Fashion – Tibi

    Here are some of my favorite photos from this year’s A Heart Fore Fashion, which was held at Sacred Heart during Master’s week. If you’re not familiar with Heart and Sole, click the link for their website. It is a great organization that benefits MCG Children’s Medical Center. If you’d like to order prints from…

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  • Old Towne

    Old Towne

    For now, this is where I call home. The people are nice ( heck two clients are my neighbors now ), the homes are unique and the location is convenient ( for me ). I’ve lived in Augusta for most of my life and I like this area the best. I’ve been playing with a…

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  • Meet Anne & Robert’s Engagement

    Meet Anne & Robert’s Engagement

    I can only imagine what it’s going to be like this new years eve for their wedding. It’ll be a big party with family and friends for sure (she’s one of 12!). Robert proposed to Anne alongside the Savannah River, so we did their session downtown on the Georgia side. It was fun taking photos…

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  • A Heart Fore Fashion

    A Heart Fore Fashion

    Charleston Street + Ranco Tents + Sacred Heart + Milly NY + Heart and Sole Inc. + The Shop Tart = A Beautiful Tuesday in Downtown Augusta Last week, when most of you were either on spring break, vacation or dodging the golf traffic a benefit luncheon was held downtown at Sacred Heart for Heart…

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  • Testing: Tilt-Shift Lens

    Testing: Tilt-Shift Lens

    I’d like to consider myself not too terribly trendy when it comes to photography, but I’ve always admired the look achieved when shooting with a tilt-shift lens. Whether that’s landscape, cityscape or portraiture, there’s a unique look when this type of lens is used. Being manual focus and with lots of twisty knobs, I wasn’t…

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  • Black Friday: Smile

    Black Friday: Smile

    View them all in the storefront prints.donnanphoto.com. A few week’s back I was in David’s bookstore talking about photobooths and how much fun they were. I think he mentioned setting one up for black friday, which I agreed would just be a fun event to meet new faces and promote smile.donnanphoto.com as an add-on for weddings…

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  • Rebecca & Trey – Sacred Heart & the Marbury Center

    Rebecca & Trey – Sacred Heart & the Marbury Center

    It’s been such a pleasure working with Rebecca & Trey. I simply love being able to photograph the whole shibang ( engagement & bridal ). Just two weeks ago these two tied the knot in downtown Augusta at the beautiful Sacred Heart, followed by a fun reception at the Marbury Center on broad st. The…

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  • Food: The Deltaburger

    Food: The Deltaburger

    Located just off Central Ave, the Delta Sandwich Shoppe is one of my favorite places to grab a local burger. It’s one of Augusta’s hidden restaurants that you should take time to visit. Tammy isn’t technologically savvy, so as a courtesy I setup a fan page for their business. Just click the image above to…

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  • Oysters on Telfair

    Oysters on Telfair

    Thursday night Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art held their annual fundraiser “Oysters on Telfair”. The dress was casual, the food was delicious and the people were friendly. Check out some photos from the event HERE on Facebook. If you would like to purchase a high-res image please contact me for details.

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  • Westobou Festival!

    Awesome events going on in downtown Augusta.

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  • Offbeat


    The off-season of a wedding photographer is an interesting one. Things are slower, colder and you have a lot more time to have free time. Logo ideas fly around in your head. You begin to meet your clients for the next year’s of pictures. Engagement and bridal sessions slide in around February and by the…

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  • Angela & Tommy’s Wedding

    I’m going out of order here, but way back in December Angela & Tommy tied the knot in the awesome Sacred Heart building in downtown Augusta. I was amazed at the location. It had been a long time since I had been there. Anyway… I couldn’t decide on how many pictures to show you in…

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