• A Bird’s Eye View at Lake Jocassee

    A Bird’s Eye View at Lake Jocassee

    I recently purchased a DJI Mini Pro 4 Drone and have enjoyed learning how not to crash it, as well as the usefulness of bandaids in doing remote drone repairs. Here are some of my favorite photos from one of my favorite places at Lake Jocassee.

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  • Why You Should Visit Las Vegas (Beyond The Strip)

    Why You Should Visit Las Vegas (Beyond The Strip)

    A few months back, my wife and I were presented with a golden opportunity to escape the routine of our daily lives, even if just for a short while. Leaving behind the responsibilities of caring for our two energetic young kids and our beloved “almost senior” dog, we embarked on an adventure that would allow…

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  • Life Update

    Life Update

    Well it’s time to make this post. Once we relocated to Greenville, SC I really decided to wind this business down and put it on the backburner to pursue other opportunities. Turns out I am a lot better at building websites for other people, e-commerce, email and digital marketing, data attribution and analytics. I’m going…

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  • The Rolleiflex ?

    The Rolleiflex ?

    Some of my favorite pictures are made with a Rolleiflex. Pictures of me and my wife, pictures I’ve made and pictures made by other photographers all have involved the beautiful twin lens reflex camera that’s decades old. If you ever get a chance to own one, or use one, don’t hesitate. They’re built like tanks and…

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  • my love/hate for film photography

    my love/hate for film photography

    I love the results, but hate the process of film photography. Mailing film off to be developed, then waiting for its return and results. But sometimes I let rolls of undeveloped film pile up and time passes, so when the film comes back it is almost a new discovery of what I’ve photographed in the past. Here are some…

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  • Meet Lucy

    Meet Lucy

    My wife and I have wanted a dog for a long time now, but not having a yard and her being in school, kept us from making the commitment to a four legged friend. If you find yourself in a similar position, simply dog sit for all of your friends! You’ll love it and so will your friends. Anyway, with…

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  • Snow in Greenville!

    Snow in Greenville!

    Because we live in the South, exclamation points for a few inches of snow is appropriate. Snow is a rarity here in Greenville, so the entire town shut down for a few days while the snow plows attempted to clear the major roadways. My wife and I went on a long walk all around downtown…

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  • Waterfalls at DuPont State Forest & Sunset at Caesars Head

    Waterfalls at DuPont State Forest & Sunset at Caesars Head

    I took a little trip the other week with a friend of mine to visit DuPont State Forest. We were biking in freezing temperatures, but that didn’t stop us from taking the scenic route and checking out a few of the waterfalls inside the forest. Most, if not all are easily accessible and definitely worth a…

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  • Sunset from Sullivan’s Island

    Sunset from Sullivan’s Island

    The sunsets here are wonderful. Take a look at the square picture below, or click on the panoramic to really take in the views. I often find the best pictures while cycling, or simply walking through the beautiful streets of downtown Charleston.Purchase either print online, here…

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  • Guy & Tina’s Pickin Parlor

    Guy & Tina’s Pickin Parlor

    This was a fun one to photograph and visit. If you love bluegrass, you’d really enjoy visiting Guy and Tina’s Pickin Parlor. Every Saturday night, folks get together for good clean pickin fun, food and really strong coffee.

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  • Rwamango Academy · Sheema ·Uganda

    Rwamango Academy · Sheema ·Uganda

    I am still searching for the words to adequately describe what it was like visiting Uganda last year. Sheema, Uganda is a beautiful place. Coffee, banana and avocado flourish here; as well as the smiles of beautiful people. Rwamango Academy is where I met Bernard, who selflessly cares for these children, and sees that they get proper schooling. It…

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