Charleston Street + Ranco Tents + Sacred Heart + Milly NY + Heart and Sole Inc. + The Shop Tart = A Beautiful Tuesday in Downtown Augusta

Last week, when most of you were either on spring break, vacation or dodging the golf traffic a benefit luncheon was held downtown at Sacred Heart for Heart and Sole Inc. Several of Augusta’s top vendors got together to make this event a reality. The ladies did the catwalk thing in Michelle Smith’s gorgeous Milly outfits, while I was there to capture the behind-the-scenes to give everyone a look at what went on last Tuesday. If you want a lot more information about what the ladies were modeling, check out the Shop Tart blog in the links above. As you can imagine, this was a wonderful event to be a part of in Augusta and I loved working with everyone.

If you would like to see the rest of the photographs, please email me for the gallery password [email protected]

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