These two are tying the knot next year. They reminded me why photography is so much fun and that when you meet the right man/woman you can be goofy/funny/loving/crazy and it’s completely acceptable, maybe even encouraged. Thank you Akiko & Geoff for running and jumping and blowing bubbles Sunday afternoon. You two both have a frikkin awesome easy going personality, which I’m honored to have captured for you. Below is just a sampling, click read more to see the full slideshow.

Bubble Wand Fight!
Bubble Wand Fight!
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The color was amazing sunday!
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Look how handsome / cute / loving those two are 🙂
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You would never guess this was taken in Augusta would you?
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BUBBLES really brought out their fun personalities.
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This reminds me of Berry College in Rome, Georgia. I miss that beautiful campus.
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Jumping never gets old!
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Akiko & Geoff really got the hang of bubble making.

akiko geoff engaged blog  017

akiko geoff engaged blog  018
This was shot handheld reaching above her with a 20mm lens. I'm tall 🙂
By request, we then went downtown to the riverwalk for a few more photos.
By request, we then went downtown to the riverwalk for a few more photos to finish off the shoot.

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