Well. Hello readers of the blog. I felt it was necessary to post again, because that’s what bloggers do. They post stuff. I took a much needed break from my daily grind and flew out west this past weekend (Fri-Mon) to a two day concert fest called Street-Scene. It was an absolute blast shooting for the bands on Friday and hearing some them perform. 

To just name a few: Hot Chip, the New Pornographers, Spoon, Atmosphere, Beck, Vampire Weekend, and Devotchka were just some of my favorites I got to hear, and most I got to photograph. (links to their sites are on street-scene’s website). I haven’t recovered yet from the jet lag, but I have one photo to show you for now taken of Spoon. It’s probably my favorite shot from the music side of things. If you didn’t notice, weddings are my main gig, but I occasionally shoot the music scene.

My friends and I did a ton of things in that amount of time. We probably saw a good 20% of San Diego and a tiny bit of Tijuana. We had a great meal on the roof of one of the restaurants, which is right across from a Botox clinic. Gosh I can’t remember the name of the place, but just look for a Botox clinic next to a hotel, and across the street you’ll find a good Mexican eatery. They have strong margaritas too, so you’ve been warned… or informed.

I’ll have a full gallery up pretty soon and I hope to hear from Street-Scene or some of these bands, because it’ll be a shame if they don’t ever see these images. 

I’m trying to tell myself I’m not a huge concert kinda person, but practically all of the music out there was sounding so good live, which is usually my excuse as to why I’m not a big concert goer. Now I just need to hold myself back from buying all their albums. 

2008 has been great so far with 4 more weddings to go this year! Yikes, that’s a lot! I think it’s around 10-14 so far? I’ve lost count. I’m stoked though. Is this unprofessional blog post? I had something else to tell everyone, but I’ve forgotten. Just get out and do something fun and different, like fly really far away and hear cool music and see cool places.

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