img_9456.jpgThis past Thursday Winterjam stopped by Augusta, Georgia to fill the James Brown arena for a good evening of music. Like usual I brought along my camera to witness the show. Skillet rocked the house. The pictures can be viewed in the gallery section of the website under music (bottom left image will begin the gallery). I’ve re-addedd the music section and look for more gallery updates to come. There’s a lot of pictures that still need to be processed. Busy times indeed!

p.s. Sorry for the hiccup on the website. I had a nasty php error arise. I’ve been playing too much on here. If it ain’t broke don’t fit it they say. Apparently I don’t listen.

p.s.s. Added a search box in the top right of the News page! Try it out. Break it, bend it, and see if you can find my older entries!

p.s.s.s. I’ll spill the beans now. This entire website runs off of WordPress. One day I’ll do a write-up on how I’ve accomplished a non-blog-looking website entirely with WordPress. Ah, I feel so good sharing that now.

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