photo.jpgWow. What an interesting morning. As usual I missed my flight. Between moving to another apt over the weekend and obsessing over the personal washer/dryer I forgot to take into account the droves of Masters’ fans looking to get out of Augusta as well.


Since I had a few hours to kill why not go pick up the ottoman from my friends downtown? Wait, how will I carry it? Well of course slap it on the roof? But don’t you have a tiny crx?

Yes, I do.

The new apt/loft/studio/mancave is moved in and a wreck. Stay tuned for the grand opening. It may become a art gallery as well. I’m also looking for some brave souls to move a pool table into the new pad. Yeah, I guess that won’t be easy to find.
Below you’ll find a photo of a pretty decripid building downtown.
some paint

Oops! There’s my flight. Zoom zoom. I’m such a kid.

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