As promised…

Compositionally, the above photograph in my opionion isn’t that great. I knew that right after I took the photo, but it’s still great to show the dynamic nature of the colors and all that fun jazz.
You may notice a little something extra special with my photos from now on. With the new camera, there is an increase in the tonal/dynamic range of what the sensor can capture. It’s larger, so it’s able to pick up more detail. I didn’t think this was a big deal until I began to use it. The photos from Mt. Mitchell will give you an idea of just how much detail you can see in each frame. Good grief, each file is now 12-14mb a piece. Talk about huge. I won’t begin to rehash what any of these terms mean, as Google is your friend.
And here all the time I thought the full-frame sensor was just for low-light conditions, or for those crazy fun 8mm fisheye shots.

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