So I’m the official shooter for the Augusta Ballet in town. I mainly cover the people around the events, and not the events themself, usually a copyright issue is involved, or the lighting is too dim etc. Well I said to hell with that last night since the lady said “No flash photography”. Game on. No flash, no problem.

The last set involved black lights and full bodysuits. There was also a screen in front of the stage that projected different scenes like the moon, sun, and other weird junk. It was a super cool performance though, and I actually stayed awake.

ballet illusion

I am obviously by no means a professional ballet aficionado, but to see that kind of entertainment and art locally was truly something worth seeing. 

Just another FYI: I will be out of town starting tomorrow and will not be back in town until the 17th. I’m going on a family vacation to Alaska!

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