Jeremy’s baby Emaline is so adorable. We’re currently doing a year long project where her first year is documented in the intervals of 3,6,9,12. This is her at about 10 months. This shoot was pretty laid back and just done at their home. The hammock was a fun setup to shoot with, but she kept falling through the webbing. 

Also, just a heads up that wedding prices will be going up for the 2009 wedding season. All packages are going to include 2 photographers, but the real kicker will be the products offered. Big prints, magazine books and more. (fyi: all clients that are already booked or have met with me about 2009 will get to lock in the 2008 prices, so you’re in luck)

We’re in full swing right now for wedding season and are having a blast. I’m so pleased with how 2008 is turning out. It’s really amazing that my clients have chosen to pick me for their special day. It’s a once in a lifetime moment that I get to be a part of. So here’s a thank you for making 08 great 🙂

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