20054479.JPGDon’t take me wrong. I’m all gung ho about bicycles. Lately though, it’s dark before I’m out of work and well I don’t have brakes on the bike I’d ride in the dark and I know that’s generally a bad idea (to ride a brakeless bike).
While riding a fixed gear is all the rage in a lot of cities, it’s not the biggest hoopla here. It’s pretty fun, but for me, walking to work is just easier, and in theory, less likely to involve an injury with an automobile. In theory.
While I parused the internets for just a few moments this evening I came across a neat feature in the NYT. I’ve seen the critical mass videos of bicycles and stereo’s, but apparently the guys in NY are hitting the headlines with their super-booming bicycle setups.
On one hand, a bike without headphones is safer, but 300lbs of stereo equipment antequates any possibility of riding up a hill. Regardless, you need to read this article and be enlightened. Also, watch the video they have and scroll through the slideshow. It’s pretty stinkin awesome.

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