I just can’t sit on these images any longer. This lovely couple came to me months ago for a client meetup and we clicked immediately. We’re all into cars, so I think that helped. VW < Honda 😛

I’m still in the process of processing all of the images and building a storyline of their day with them, but here’s the first 6 that have stood out so far that seem to work together well. Oddly enough, they’re all shot vertically. Stay tuned for the other half of their day…!

Next up is the hot ATL for a wedding one day and an engagement shoot the next. I’m stoked as I’ll be shooting with a dear friend/mentor/guide as she’s the one who taught me a lot about this wedding madness that happens to involve cameras.

pssst… I’m using wordpress for this entire site. Learn the shortcode for the gallery. It’s amazingly nice.

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