The door to the sancturary swings back and forth as the flowergirl passes by at St. James Methodist Church.
The door to the sanctuary swings back and forth as the flower girl passes by at St. James Methodist Church.

It’s pretty clear fall is here. We’re actually receiving some rain, the leaves are beginning to cover the ground and the wind outside doesn’t feel like the heater in my car. We’re actually calling the weather chilly and having to wear long pants to stay comfortable.

This October is a special month for a few reasons. Sample albums from Queensberry are finally here, leather swatches from Kissbooks are here, my birthday falls on the 25th and tomorrow I’m leaving for NYC (21-25th) checking out Photo+ Expo and shooting an engagement session for an old friend Will McCranie.

During this time I will most likely not sleep enough, twitter too much and find myself entirely too cold in NYC. Stay tuned as I will offer share some pumpkin patch photos and some holiday photo news.

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