I’m running up to Asheville’s mountains to visit family and photograph some scenic landscapes.
There is a new camera in my bag and a new year ahead. I’m going to say the cheesy thing like, I’m off the grid, but the reality is the grid is now in my pocket and if there’s a cell tower around I’m on the grid.
Anyway, maybe I’ll find out where in town is a great place to get some scenic pictures of the blue ridge mountains, the parkway, some downtown spots, and some portraiture of family members and whomever else I encounter. I’m sure this city has great spots. I’ll just need to go out hunting a lil bit.
A great way to get ideas of what’s good to shoot in the area is flickr. Just this one tree @ the Biltmore Estates, has an entire pool dedicated to it. Hopefully I can get the hookup and get in on the cheap to photograph it. I see several other spots I want to shoot. Blast. I didn’t bring much in the way of hiking wear.

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