I’ve always said, that you can take a look at how busy I am by just looking at my desk. Keyboard is shoved to the right with a mountain of probably important stuff to the left. Last weekend’s hurricane stole my weekend, which coincidentally was bills weekend. I juggle a lot during the week and am really looking forward to getting things straight around here. Sometimes I think I’ve got it going, and then other times I look around and see where I need to polish up. That sappy stuff aside, I’d like to show you one of my first downtown discoverings that stays in my room. I also picked up some more flash power. I’m still mastering all of what goes into flash powered photographs, but I’m determined to show that the natural-light-specialist-photographer means that they’re scared-ey cats of using a flash.

I don’t ever ever ever expect this photo to have any recognition, but it sure is cool that one little light can spread a beam that wide to cover a building. The pic below is straight from the camera. I didn’t want to fool anyone. All from just 4 double-a batteries (the battery pack i think is broken, or dead, same difference). flash

That’s it for now. Time to clean off this desk and get back to some wedding photos.


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