So if you haven’t heard, is nifty. They offer several printing options anywhere from a mini card, to post cards, greeting cards, stickers, etc. The cool thing is you’re allowed to upload/import up to 100 different images. So no card is the same. The problem is picking out 100 photos you want with your name on them. So far I’ve sorted out about 20 photos I like a lot and that fit that mini card size well. That’s not enough however to satisfy me, so I’m still digging through my 10,000+ photos. Yeah, you read that right. You’re probably asking, so how come we haven’t seen 10,000 photos. But would you really want to? Back to moo, let the picking begin.picture-34.jpgThe other day I stopped by the Blue Magnolia to chat with the owners about their hip store and photograph the interior. I had the fisheye on so it captured the entire place basically. Check em out here. I also went into the Book Tavern to see if I could make books look awesome. I’m not sure if I succeeded or not, but look anyways.Another sidenote. Guitar hero III is awesome. Sadly, I think I’m hearing one of their songs in my head right now. I’m proud of myself, the Nintendo Wii is the first game system I’ve ever owned since a Nintendo. (I did own a Virtual Boy, but I got rid of it quickly as it hurt my head.) Ah, call me old fashioned, or just a product of the mentality that video games are the devil. Which they’re not of course.

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