Ok. I don’t think I’ve ever been hiding the fact that I’m a nerd, but today I chose to dive into some custom flash gallery stuff for some new ways to present the pictures I’ve had the pleasure to take. Going off of another person’s demo, I thought it would be nice to mold it into something close to what I’m going after. Ideally I’d like to either completely remove the buttons, or add them to the left and right of the images, but I’ll perfect that later on (aka I haven’t decided yet). Anyway, the content in the slideshow are some of the photos from this past month of weddings. It’s been busy! The slideshow below also works with your arrow keys, give it a try![kml_flashembed movie=”http://andrewdonnanphoto.com/cms/filmstrip/ssp_demo_filmstrip.swf” height=”550″ width=”770″ /] 

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