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If you’ve done business with me in the past, you’ve probably had a puzzled look on your face as to why print orders are filled out on paper, mailed in and all that jazz. It’s so 1990 and I apologize for that. I’m working to improve how you order prints, or fulfill your print credits and here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been up to between photoshoots.

If you’re remotely nerdy and you’re using wordpress & slideshowpro or slideshowpro director, check out the SSPDC plugin. Why am I posting this may you ask? Wedding packages have proof galleries, which usually are just sent out via print order form and a cd (old school right?). Well I want something newer, easier and cleaner to implement. What’s left? Somehow I need a way to click the image and have an add to cart feature from this.  I’ve hit a wall on how to go forth on this 🙁

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