Last Friday I quit my desk job.

For the past two years, I’ve been moonlighting this business. Nights, weekends, lunchtimes, mornings and even during vacation time from the day job. I sat at a desk. I punched keys on the keyboard. I clicked the mouse. A lot. Outlook was my guide for the day. I despised meetings. They only seemed to lead to more meetings. ( I know I’m making this out to be really awful, but it was actually a good day job, but I felt as if I was ignoring the potential of running this business full-time. )

Now that’s all changed. I rode out my two weeks notice and last Friday I walked out of my comfort zone. I said goodbye to Outlook, free espresso and a salary. I’m telling you this because I feel like it’s time I come clean. We can now meet during the week! We can now do photoshoots on weekdays!

The remainder of 2009 is looking good. Summertime, we were so busy one month over 7,000 images were added to the library. That’s just staggering! 2010 is already booking. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for every single client we get to work with. All of you have been so patient!

Be on the lookout for changes in this website, new packages, new branding and more. I don’t know what “more” is yet, but I’m sure I’ll tell you once I find it.

DISCLAIMER: I’m on vacation this week in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. I didn’t even take a month off after graduating college, so a little R&R is in need. Don’t hesitate to call if you have a question, just know that it may sit in the voicemail as cell reception is spotty at times.

p.s. I think it’s time I formally introduce to you Sarah. We both needed an assistant a while back, so we began to help each other. So, if you’ve seen me at a wedding second shooting and were confused that’s what that was all about. I’m looking to add a 3rd person to the team. So, if you own some gear and would like to learn give me a shout and I may give you a job.

p.s. Sarah’s blog is awesome. Check it out

So where am I? I’m somewhere around here.

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Just look for my car and wave!

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