pageimage-180166-943793.jpgI’m all packed up to fly home from my Thanksgiving break. It was really nice. Apparently I’m the cool cousin. Hmm, they (cousins) must be sheltered. Today I picked up 2 Mybook 500gb external enclosures from Worst Buy. I think that makes me up to 5 external harddrives. Wow. Anyway, the entire reason I’m even posting is to showoff how tightly packed the camera bag is. Boy this will be fun to carry around tomorrow, along with this laptop of course. Contents listed later in that whole “after the jump” thing. (i think that means after the read more cutoff) Oh another thing. Ingrid Michaelson has a pretty sweet sound. I’ll walk around in the terminals listening to this music tomorrow.


 Contents: (off the top of my head)

  •  430ex flash
  • 420ex flash? maybe forgot what kind it is
  • osx dvd (was going to hook grandma up with leopard, but no one had mac’s for sale in the area)
  • lots of cables
  • canon 20d (it’s been goin strong for 2 yrs now)
  • canon 17-55 is f/2.8 lens (most aweomest ef-s lens out there)
  • 50mm f/1.8 (meh, haven’t splurged for the 1.4)
  • 14gb or so of compact flash media (yep, a stinkin lot of 2gb cards)
  • 120gb external wd passport (usually used for time machine)
  • electrical tape (holds a lot of things in place at times)
  • filters
  • chargers, batteries
  • 2 500gb enclosures of course
  • blank dvd’s and cd’s (never know when you need to do hard copies for people
  • 6 led bicycle headlight (great for helping the autofocus work in dark/black conditions, i feel pretty bright for that one, no pun intended. this is a really long parenthesis)

holy cow that’s a lot. if they ask me to check it i’ll quietly remind them of how bad of an idea that’ll be. it’ll fit under the seat, woo!

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