Technology amazes me sometimes. This post is coming from my cellphone.

Recently I’ve shot two bridal sessions which I’m dying to share, but can’t yet. One was in the studio and the other was on location.

I didn’t think I’d ever shoot inside a studio, but I loved it. Half of the family was there, the tunes were playing and the lights were flashing. This sounds so cheesy, but it really was a good time had by all and the whole experience was nothing short of fantastic.

The most recent session was around downtown on greene st. It’s always a challenge to make the same locations special and unique each time, but it too was a success. The bride to be was gorgeous and her friends were a hoot. Sadly that session will have to wait until after their wedding in January. Towards the end of the shoot we found an awesome porch to shoot on. Downtown is totally filled with great spots to shoot at, making my short commute a matter of a few blocks.

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