crap.jpgYesterday while I was being awesome I decided it would be cool to have a slideshow going by at 30fps of all the photos I’ve ever taken. Well, I overshot my drag/drop in iMovieHD and ended up putting 9,000+ photos on my desktop. I couldn’t delete them the easy way and ended up having to run some stuff in Terminal to delete them. I wrote about this in a lil more detail on another site called Monkeys with Lasers. You should check it out if you’re running into the same problem.

Oh, since I’m never short of new ideas Reverend Rock Star and myself came up with an idea. The url will be Nothing’s there yet, so no use in going to it. Ok, if/when I redo the slideshow video i’m sure I’ll upload it and share with the world. iMovieHD is fun when you drag/drop properly. Who knew you could screw that one up.

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