It’s almost time to pack up and fill the moving truck (or hire movers?), but before we do that I would like to share some photos from our recent trip(s) to Charleston. One trip was for the Not Wedding in Charleston, supporting friends and making new connections. The next week my wife and I scoured downtown, West Ashley and James Island looking for a place to call our next home.¬†Sadly we were unsuccessful and returned to Atlanta exhausted. But then the perfect duplex downtown popped up, so we made a third trip down and spent only 13 hours in the Holy City, to see the place in person and seal the deal.

The real shame is that with three trips to Charleston, we did not set foot on a beach. We will have to fix that once we are moved in.

And for the gear nerds, all but one of these photos were made with the Fuji x100s. Can you spot which one was from the 5d Mark II?

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