Ah yes, the city in Alaska that’s impossible to spell correctly. We were only at the port for the morning, for good reason. Yet again, another tourist trap dock, but once we got out past that short little diamond store filled downtown area…. and onto a sea plane we were golden. We, being me, and two other guys, along with the pilot took an hour’s flight in a sea plane over the Misty Fjord area / Tongass National Forest. We landed and got out onto the floats of the plane.

It was yet another tourist trap, but it was worth it. Alaska has so much left untouched out here, which is why I’m having such a good time. As far as my eyeballs could see, was forestry, snow capped mountains and frozen over lakes. I’d like to come back up here and go camping. Heck, maybe I’d even fish. I took a lot of video of the plane tour, but for the sake of time I won’t upload it until we get back.

It turns out I booked our flights home for Sunday, but we get back into Seattle on Saturday. That gives us another day or so to explore the city. Pricey, but worth it. This trip has been great at rejuvenating me, my photography, but most importantly teaching me to relax and enjoy God’s vast world that He created for all of us to enjoy. I’ve been so busy the past 6 weeks that I haven’t even been in church. Sunday we plan to visit Mars Hill, which I’m really looking forward to worshiping after a week of all this amazing scenery.