I’m trying to remind myself to never ever ever stop taking pictures for myself. My friend Angela and I went on a photo hunt and this is what I found. I learned that when you don’t look at the little lcd screen on the back of your camera (aka chimping) you can still make a good photograph.

I love buying coke, but only in a glass bottle. Especially the tall ones.

I found this in my neighborhood.


Simple and lovely tones.

Restoration Optional

It was supposed to rain today.


Extreme Caution

Very extreme caution


Signs of life

My Ben Sherman shoes. I’ve had them for years and were $30

Jackpot – mind the holes

Step carefully


Where am I? Do you know?

I love the ladder and the fallen beam.

Staircase limbo

manual focus / blurry while walking

The end

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them. I shot with either the 50mm or 20mm lens.

2 responses to “shooting for myself”

  1. Found this link on Daves page. Love your work. So beautiful what the artistic eye sees. What an awsome place to take pictures for yourself and enjoy every moment of it!

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