behind the sign


Aw, look at us two. Aren’t we cute? My grandma raised me, so this is our trip together. 24 & 82 years of age, hanging out for a week.

I simply loved Skagway. Our tour got a bit mixed up, but we ended up taking a tourist trap train ride up the mountains into the Yukon Territory / Canada and saw a lot of snow. We also dropped off hikers twice on the way up, which made me a little jealous of how badass they were, you know, being a hiker in that area is much more hardcore than our little weekend getaways in Georgia.

Downtown was by far the nicest, least touristy downtown we’ve been to so far, but there were still plenty of diamonds/jewelry stores around. These tourist shops are usually connected to the cruise companies in some way, shape or fashion, but they’re sort of a necessary evil. The cities or towns really are comprised our tourists in the summer and snow in the winter. You can’t love it, but it’s just how it is. Anyway, I don’t bash Skagway at all really. The people were nice and the scenery was amazing. Our bus driver was cute, hilarious and entertaining. Her name was “Jo Somethinglongandgermansounding”. The mountain road is a highway, which connects to Canada and all things cold. Once a year they all ride bikes down the mountain in the freezing weather for the summer solstice. That sounded like fun to me.