Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 AM because I was too excited to stay asleep. I guess that means I’m passionate about my work. Thankfully I was able to count a few sheep and close my eyes until 6:30, which was 30 min before I set my alarm clock. I’m either crazy or passionate about this art. You can call me either if you’d like. It was time to get up and get ready for the wedding expo.

This being my first showing at a wedding expo, I really didn’t know what to expect, think or even prepare for. So I gathered up some ideas and some friends to brainstorm and this is what we came up with. The plants were donated by Kate at Garden City Organics, in downtown Augusta. The door-table and most of the decor was supplied by Jennifer & Jesse, who operate Shoppe 3130 and Heart of Augusta (thrift store). They’re both on Broad street and offer great 2nd hand clothes (& vintage clothes ladies n gents) and thrifty things. The 8×10 grid of loose prints was made with some jute yarn and some cardboard cereal boxes to give it weight. Classy right? Ok ok, I’ll stop typing and show you what it looked like.

Some of the other vendors present were a real joy to talk to again. Some new, some familiar. Nikki Daniel Designs (print stuff), The Beauty Mark (makeup stuff), Charleston Street (master decorator & florist), Heath Bryant (makeup stuff), and Vineyard Imaging (print stuff). Vineyard even quoted a Dumb & Dumber movie line, which is one of my favorite movies.

Queensberry 12×12 Coffee Table Book
Queensberry Duo – matted & flush-mount style pages
I know it was cute, but it’s totally ok to pluck from the business card flower stem! Almost out of these cards. The next design is gonna be great.
Disclaimer: In case you didn’t read the first page, the 5″ digital copy album are not photographs by my studio.
It was a bit too loud, but my computer speaker retrofit radio was present playing some tunes when it was quiet.
I’m easy to get along with, but when another photographer walks up, speaks a few words, takes a price sheet and a Queensberry pamphlet and then walks off I’m going to call you out on my blog. I don’t even remember who you are, but that was quite pathetic to do that. You have lost my respect. If anyone wants to see my prices, just ask. The more information we share, the better off our businesses will be.
I got this idea from a friends wedding. I sorta hated to punch holes in 20+ 8×10″ prints, but this came out great! I love seeing images from all of my different wedding clients over the years.
The bamboo business card holder. I picked this up from Blue Magnolia when it was open
Upstairs featured a bar, a fashion show and several vendors. It was packed during the fashion show and wedding give-away!

I hope you enjoy seeing these photos. I know a lot of you wanted to come out, but couldn’t make it for a number reasons. Carmen ( a client/friend ) helped throughout the day, followed by David, but I have to mention Jennifer and Jesse for waking up at 8am to help me move all this stuff to Aiken. Whoo. This was a long post!

6 responses to “The booth – Aiken Wedding Expo”

  1. Thanks everyone. I couldn't of done it without the help of my friends. The decor just really set the mood for the images.

    If you've called me and hit voicemail, I am returning phonecalls first thing Monday.

  2. You’re adorable!  Just found your blog.  I was searching for fresh booth ideas and yours takes the cake.  Anyway, I look forward to more and have officially added you to my RSS feed.  Oh and . . . what are your prices?  ;o)

    • Hey Jen,

      Thanks for adding me! That booth was forever ago, but was a hoot to setup.

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