Well it’s time to make this post. Once we relocated to Greenville, SC I really decided to wind this business down and put it on the backburner to pursue other opportunities. Turns out I am a lot better at building websites for other people, e-commerce, email and digital marketing, data attribution and analytics. I’m going to hold onto the cameras, make really nice pictures of our family, and keep this website alive for a while longer.

To everyone that entrusted me to make pictures of their family and wedding, thank you. It’s a tremendous honor. Those nine years or so were wonderful – including all of the ups and downs. If for some reason you’ve lost your pictures – there’s a good chance I still have a backup of them, but they will be deleted this year. Reach out now if you need them.

We’re now staying busy with our two kids, dog and careers, just like the rest of you all.

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