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Courtney & Clayton · Savannah ·GA

I just want to extend thanks to Courtney and Clayton for having me photograph your wedding at Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah, GA. It [...]

Moving to Charleston

Friends and fans, I want to let you know about a big change coming this year for Donnan Photo. We are moving at the end of July! My wife and I are [...]

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

I heard about these ruins a few years ago from friends. While driving back from Savannah, I remembered the ruins were not too far away from the scenic[...]

Laura & Whit - sneak peek

So I could talk about how I found out my roommate is a decent emergency assistant photographer, or how we ate hamburgers at one am inside a bar lit by[...]

recap / Carmen & Mark

My two pals Carmen and Mark were wed hmm, well over a month ago. The other day she asked when was I going to blog the photos (the ones I liked the mos[...]