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Uganda · Gallery

Just in case you didn't get the email, instagram or tweets - join us this evening for the opening reception of my portrait series from Uganda. This se[...]

Rwamango Academy · Sheema ·Uganda

I am still searching for the words to adequately describe what it was like visiting Uganda last year. Sheema, Uganda is a beautiful place. Coffee, ban[...]

Banda Slum · Kampala Uganda

I want to tell you what it was like to meet the women and children inside Banda Slum, but I am finding it difficult to share everything in just a [...]

Jackfruit · Kampala ·Uganda

Jackfruit looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, tastes like a mixture of Juicyfruit gum and Starburst candy, and can weigh up to 100 lbs! [...]

Jet lag

Accepting the call to go and photograph our church mission trip was an easy decision, but now the hard part of processing everything begins. I mad[...]


Hello from Africa! We  arrived safe and sound, and are spending two nights in Kampala to adjust to the timezone and prepare for our mission in the[...]