I met Chris when he lived in Augusta. We became good friends during his stay here. Caitie and Chris tied the knot at Whitley Church in North Carolina. It wasn’t in the mountains. It was still beautiful. Everyone was having a blast, despite the cold temperatures. Even the groomsmen in their flip flops survived 🙂 This wedding was extra special and I’m honored we were able to be a part of it. I’ve finished all the photos, which you can see on PRINTS.DONNANPHOTO.COM (password is her maiden name)

Goldsboro, North Carolina - Friday it smelled like a chicken farm. Saturday it didn't smell. Thankful.

They couldn't see each other. It was cute.

We attended the rehearsal dinner as guests and I spotted these lollipops at the kids table. Here they are.

Ladies you're crazy. Look at those heels. See Caitie in that dress by a river in a previous blog post.

Kids rooms always make for interesting backdrops when getting ready.


Guys, I don't know what drove you to stick out a pinky. Maybe I suggested it? Anyway, it was funny.

Shot by Sarah

Shot by Sarah

I love this photo.

Ya'll looked great.

So cute.

Chris, overcome with emotion. Bravo good sir.

It looks like there might be tears of joy as Caitie's father leans over to kiss his daughter after walking her down the isle.

Sarah was able to hide behind the lattice and get a great angle of the ceremony!

The pastor gave Chris a breath mint for the kiss. Pretty funny moment.

The kiss. The smile. The love.

Sarah took these. Way to go!

The reception was short (2 hrs), and everone lined up to blow bubbles for the exit.

My gift to the bride & groom - fireworks for their grand exit 🙂

The last photograph taken. They snuck back in after everyone left for a bite to eat. I love her jacket.

Hit the read more if you wanna see just a few more photos! We had a blast. Photos are online! PRINTS.DONNANPHOTO.COM (maiden name of Caitie)

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