Their entire day was full of family and friends, just how it should be. Everyone witnessed the celebration of these two coming together at Curtis Baptist church and the municipal building in North Augusta. It’s been a pleasure photographing for Emily, Jonathan and their families. Enjoy some of my favorites below, or hop on over to for the complete wedding collection.

Cameras were everywhere at this wedding 馃檪

Check out the smiley face on Heath's hand 馃槢

I love black and white on this new camera. Emily's mother is lacing up her dress.

Everyone was handsome/gorgeous!


My friend Tessa came in town to help me with this wedding. She took this. It's lovely.

Emily and her father, about to walk down the isle.

Everyone was raving about the engagement signature album!

59 or 60 years of marriage was beautiful

dance party, take 2

Kids dancing is always adorable.


So romantic in black and white.

I hung around above Emily & Jonathan for their exit (while Tessa was outside). Jonathan, Emily and her family took a moment to pray before they left.

I love the fact that they went to NC for their honeymoon, kayaks and everything.

Thanks everyone for making this wedding a reality and a blast to photograph. It was a pleasure to be a part of.