Boy this couple sure was a hoot to work for. Between Joesph’s awesome one-liners, the truck full of drinks, and the tour bus escorting the family  and bridal party around I was sure we were in for a fun night of wedding festivities. I was feeling a bit under the weather that night, but Sarah really stepped it up and made sure everything was taken care of.


Sandy & Joesph were married at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion, which by the way is a nice venue to have the ceremony and/or the reception. Big rooms (which is nice because you can see all of your wedding guests in one place) and a covered outdoor ceremony spot. With the canal and river it stays breezy too! They don’t pay me to say this, but hey we like the spot ok 🙂



Below is a gallery of their day together. You can spot the two of us goofing off with some of the awesome props their DJ brought along. Nothing like a blow up saxophone and guitar to make the reception become an instant hit. And FYI that DJ can totally do the thriller. (sigh MJ)

I was also digging the hair salon. Yes I’m a guy but that place is so artsy I’d almost drive to Evans to have my hair tended to. So, ladies and/or gents if you’re near Evans and are in need of a new do, go check out that place. It’s super nice!

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